DOLANG DLDJ-STS01 Four-axis Servo Motor Motion Control Training Set

The servo motor motion control trainer is a combination of industrial control training device, which combines the kinematics, logic, PLC programming control technology and mechanical drive technology.

Technical parameter

● Input power: three-phase fice wires, AC380V±10%,50Hz.

● Earth leakage protection I△n≤30mA  t≤0.1S

● 24V DC output,  0~10V analogue signal supply

● Work condition: temperature:-10℃~+40℃  Humidity<85%(25℃)  Height<4000M

● Capacity <2KVA

● Servo motor highest Speed:3000RPM

Training content

General low-voltage electrical and control

Typical industrial control completed by PLC

Electrical control completed by PLC

Servo driver function parameter set and operation

Application of step drive technology

Application of sensor control

PLC drive control of step motor

Auto-control system

Servo motor load inertia ratio

Servo motor electric gear ratio

Adjusting of servo motor debug and gain

PLC drive control of servo motor



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