DOLANG DLDS-3512 工业器械技能培训系统

Training Projects

- Production task of finger top press mounting based on robot automatic loading and unloading

- Digital keyboard automatic assembly task

- Automatic grinding task of workpiece

- Robot automatic gift packaging task

- Transfer and palletizing of various materials 

Assessable knowledge and skills

- Recognition and application of six axis robot

- Six axis industrial robot installation

- Four axis industrial machine installation and Application

- Four axis robot training and calibration

- Six axis robot training and calibration

- Cognition and application of AGV

- Assembly, inspection and transmission mechanism mechanical structure assembly and debugging

- The program of motion control for assembly testing transmission mechanism

- Mechanical structure assembly and debugging of visual inspection module

- Electrical debugging of visual inspection module

- Assembly, installation and commissioning of finished product warehouse

- Installation of cutting process simulation device

- Application of detection switch

- Application of multiple sensors

- Application of pneumatic components

- Application of PLC

- Application of visual human-computer interface

- Gas path and circuit construction

- Mechanical part assembly and disassembly

- System fault diagnosis and maintenance



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