DOLANG DLDZ-165 电子工艺实训考核装置

■ Overview

● The system including digital electronic and analogue electronic, with modular structure which is easy to replace and organize training programs. High voltage and low voltage use different terminals. At the same time, it has abundant human-computer security methods like short-circuit protection, overload protection, fully enclosed cable outlet and socket, ground protection, leakage protection, emergency stop buttons, etc.

■ Technical Parameter

● Power supply parameter

● Input power: single-phase,three-wire AC 220V±10% 50Hz/60Hz

● Output parameter: DC±1.25~±30V/0.8A;DC±5V/1A, DC±12V/1A

● Two-way AC 9V, two-way AC 18V, compatible independent winding and neutral axis head output

● Protection measures: AC 220V adopt safety socket, safety terminal output

● Capacity: ≤1KVA

● Working condition:

Environment temperature : -10℃ ~+40℃

Relative humidity: ≤ 85% (25℃ )

Elevation: ≤4000m

■ DLDZ-165C Electronic Technology Training System

■  Optional

● Oscilloscope

● Signal generator

● Multimeter



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