DOLANG DLDZ-DLDZ03 电力电气和自动化控制培训系统


● "DLDZ-DLDZ03 Power Electronics and Automation Control Training System" covers "power electronics technology (or semiconductor converter technology)," "DC Speed regulation", "AC Speed regulation", "Motor Control", "Electric drive automatic control system" and other professional courses. It can be used as classroom teaching demonstration, and also be used for power electronics engineers and other appropriate certificate examination.

Technical Parameter

● Input power: three-phase, five-wire AC 380V±10% 50Hz/60Hz or three-phase,five-wire AC 220V±10% 50Hz/60Hz

● Output power: AC 380V, 220V, 127V, 63.6V, 31.8V, DC 220V/0.5A, or AC 220V, 110V, 63.6V , 31.8V, 15.9V, DC 110V/0.5A

● Capacity: < 2KVA

● Working environment: ambient temperature range -5~40℃ , Relative humidity: < 80% (25℃ ), Altitude: < 3000 m

● Total dimension: 1870×720×1620mm



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