DOLANG DLDZ-SZDZ Digital Electronic Training System

Equipment system function

The circuit experiment box motherboard is made of 2 mm thick printed circuit board, front printed with components graphic symbols and relevant attachment, opposite is printed wire, and welding related components, the motherboard set with several high reliable multi-function chips socket (20 P, 40 P), several high reliable silver coating long copper tube, for insert resistor capacitor, diode and the transistor, etc, and with the universal bread board for insert all kinds of components. Also has more than 200 high reliable locking type turn fold socket (and internal connect with integration piece socket, silver coating long copper tube and fixed devices), when as an experimental connection, test points, experimental wiring, just take lock plugs wire to connect with each other. The experiment box adopts high-strength aluminum alloy, appearance is elegant.

System feature

1, Module structure, it is easy to organize kinds of training items.

2, Experiment box make use of various function manifold block socket and anti-skidding, easy to insert and pull out for various chip and devices.

3, It is equipped with various root of high reliable silver coating long copper tube mate with anti-skidding in the experiment box. For insert resistor, capacitor, diode and Transistor. 

4, It is equipped with a piece of bread board in the experiment box, can free set up circuit.

5, It is equipped with multiway DC power supply, DC ± 5V, DC ± 15V, variable DC power supply: AC0 ~ + 20V, AC0 ~ -20V,has short circuit and self-recovery function.

6, Provide pulse source and signal source, one set of positive and negative output single pulse, a group of adjustable signal source (2~20KHZ, adjustable range, three kinds of signal output, frequency rough adjustment and fine adjustment).

7, Provide clock generator, six frequency ranges: 1Hz to 10Hz, 10Hz to 100Hz, 100Hz to 1KHz, 1KHz to 10KHz, 10KHz to 100KHz, 100KHz to 1MHz, provide independent and simultaneous TTL and CMOS levels, CMOS output is + 15V.

8, Comprehensive training system provides 16 LED indicators, 2 8-bit DIP switches, 4 toggle switches with TTL and CMOS outputs, 4 seven-segment digital tube displays.



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