DOLANG DLFA-321 PLC 设计培训系统

  • 制造商: DOLANG
    Model: DLFA-321
    保障: 12 month
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● Total dimension: 1800×750×1350mm

● Input power: single-phase, three-wire AC 220V±10% 50Hz/60Hz

● Capacity: < 2KVA

■ Optional

● Computer, computer table

● PLC module

● Air compressor



● The system includes motion control training and process control training.The master station is Siemens S7-300, slave station is S7-200. Master station and slave station is communicated by PPI or 485.

● The system consists of three main systems: motion control system, process control system and automated warehousing system. Motion control system includes automatic feeding unit, belt transmission unit, robot handling unit (gantry robot), classification storage unit. Process control system mainly consists of PLC, temperature sensors, pressure transmission, flow sensors, pumps, solenoid valves, etc., through the sensor signal acquisition, PLC programming, solenoid valves, pumps conduct more complex switching control, sequential logic control. Realize temperature, flow, pressure switch and closedloop automatic control functions. Automatic warehousing system mainly consists of a rotating manipulator, three-dimensional storage shelves.

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