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DOLANG DLFA-555D 光电机一体化培训系统

● Total dimension: 1500×750×1750mm

● Input power: single-phase, three-wire AC

   220V±10% 50Hz/60Hz

● Output power: AC 220V safety socket output, DC 24V safety terminal output

● Capacity: < 500VA

■ Optional

● Computer, computer table 

● PLC module

● Air compressor

■Training projects

●Automatic detection technology training;

●Pneumatic technology training;

●Stepper motor control applications training;

●Servo motor control applications training;

●Control-driven technology training;

●Mechanical systems installation and commissioning of training;

●System maintenance and fault detection training;

●Training system communication technology applications;

●Motor reversing control circuit connection and control;

●Motor speed control circuit connection and control;

●Stepper motor direction control;

●Stepper motor speed control;

●Servo motor direction control;

●Servo motor speed control;

●Pneumatic directional control;

●Sequential pneumatic motion control;

●Belt conveyor control;

●Electromechanical integration equipment control;

●Automatic production line control;

●A variety of sensor installation and commissioning;

●Robot pneumatic control;

●Automatic control of the conveyor belt;

●Electromechanical integration equipment, automatic control;

●Upright walking robot control;

●Automatic production line installation and commissioning.



● DLDS-555D type mechatronics training system is to simulate the process of industrial field environments, different types of workpieces detect and identify handling and automatic sorting of the training system, in which a large number of applications, a variety of sensors to achieve the workpiece detection and identification, and then through the mechanical arm and moving the workpiece transfer mechanism, and ultimately by sorting mechanism in place for the handling of the workpiece finish sorting.

●The system consists of aluminum trainingm platform, material feeding and testing mechanism, handling manipulator, material transport and sorting mechanism and other components.

● The control system uses a combination of pull-form module,which composed of PLC,frequency converter ,HMI, power supply, and a variety of sensors, actuators and other components.

■ Technical Parameter

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