DOLANG DLFA-5DPR-B 五斧气动机械手培训系统

● Total dimension: 500×300×1150mm

● Input power: single-phase, three-wire AC 220V±10% 50Hz/60Hz

● Output power: DC 24V safety terminal output

● Capacity: < 200VA

■ Optional

● Computer, computer table 

● PLC module

● PC software 

● Air pump

■ Training program

The five axes pneumatic manipulator training equipmentis used for teaching and can be guided with working process. Combining working and learning mode plans teaching activity and complete the following basic experimental practice projects and tasks:

1. Set up pneumatic system and debug project.

2. Set up sensor system and debug project.

3. Set up pneumatic control circuit and write PLC programming project.

4. SCM programming project.

5. GRAF language programming project.

6. PC machine debugging project.

7. Set up electromechanical equipment and debug project.

8. Set up automatically control system and debug project.

Ⅵ. Professional ability

1. The ability to adjust and assemble mechanical components;

2. The ability to adjust and install mechanical and electrical equipment;

3. The ability to install circuit;

4. The ability to adjust and install pneumatic system;

5. PLC programming ability;

6. SCM programming ability;

7. PC debugging ability;

8. The ability to write mechatronics control program;

9. The ability to adjust and install auto control system.



● The whole system composed of operation parts and control part of manipulator.

● Manipulator working part composed of five axis stepper motor, conveyor device, mechanical gear unit, position sensor, electric gripper, signal switching device.

● Manipulator control part adopts three control modes (PLC control, MCU control, PC control). The whole system is an open modular structure training platform, it can be combined according to different training requirements.

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