DOLANG DLFA-ASRSB02 自动保留和寻找系统 (基本)

● Tổng kích thước: 1200 × 750 × 1500mm

● Nguồn điện đầu vào: AC một pha, ba dây

    220 V ± 10% 50Hz / 60Hz

● Nguồn đầu ra: Đầu ra đầu nối an toàn DC 24V

● Công suất: <200VA

■ Chọn mua thêm

● Máy tính, bàn máy tính

● Mô-đun PLC

● Máy nén khí



● This system is miniature practical automatic warehousing system, controlled by PLC. The equipment composed of control mechanism, goods hold device,9 warehouse units, cargo transfer and other institutions, can complete in storage and out storage operations by manual or automatic modes.

● The system reserves PLC signal transfer module, it can be directly connected by test line, this unit is controlled by PLC (without PLC).

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