DOLANG DLFA-DT33 三层电梯培训系统

● Total dimension: 310×300×580mm

● Input power: single-phase,three-wire AC 220V±10% 50Hz/60Hz

● Output power: DC 24V safety terminal output

● Capacity: < 200VA

■ Optional

● Computer, computer table

● PLC module 

● PC software



● The device can simulate the work condition of industrial elevator. And complete lift, open-close door.

● The system is composed of operation parts, car, control part, floor indicator and PC interface. Working part contains a variety of industrial transmission device, industrial sensors, which can simulate the real structure of the elevator doors on/off. The control part adopts three control methods: PLC,PC,and MCU,To complete the control of the whole system running.

● On the control panel has PLC control input/output interface and PC communication interface (Without PLC host computer).

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