● AC power: Single phase AC220V±5% 50Hz;

● Power input:24V DC power

● Temperature:-10℃~40℃;humidity:≤90%(25℃);

● Capacity:≤1KVA;

● Driver: DC motor;

● Training platform: Using special mold profiles, anodized coating processing, scientific structure, elegant appearance, the bottom regulator, height adjustable, to ensure flatness; the bracket adopt aluminum structure (surface electrophoresis).。 

● Stereo garage size:L1470×W700×H1600



■ Device overview

Compared with underground garage, mechanical garage more effectively ensure the safety of persons and vehicles, if people don’t stop the car at registered position, the entire electronic control device will not run. the mechanical garage is well done in separating people from vehicles.

Now stereo garage have several types:Lifting and transferring, laneway, vertical lifting type, vertical cycle type, box-type horizontal cycle type, circular horizontal cycle type. we introduce lifting and transferring type here.

Lifting and transferring stereo garage adopt modular design,each unit can be designed into two, three, four, five, semi-underground and other forms, number of parking spaces from a few to hundreds. This stereo garage suits for surface and underground garage for parking, configuration flexibility and low cost. 

■ Device feature: 

● Save space, flexible configuration, short construction period. 

● Low price, small investment of  fire and exterior decoration, civil foundations etc. 

● Adopt auto control, simple configuration, safe and reliable. 

● Quick to save and pick cars, short waiting time. 

● Smooth running, low working noise. 

● Suit for commercial, offices, residential parking use. 

●Safe device: Photoelectric sensors, limit protection, emergency stop switch etc.  

■ Device system function

The device is composed of aluminum training platform.

The modular control system consists of various implementing agencies and other components, according to the training needs, can achieve the module single action or flexible combination, installation and debugging. 

The execute components like DC motor and control component like proximity sensor which equipped with the device, there are three types of control mode: PLC+ touch screen control, MCU control and PC control.

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