DOLANG DLFA-MPS-B Miniature multi-function Electromechanical Integration Design Training System

● Total dimension: 950×560×360mm

● Input power: single-phase, three-wire AC

   220V±10% 50Hz/60Hz

● Capacity: < 500VA

■ Optional

● Computer, computer table 

● PLC module

● Air compressor



● This system composed of sheet metal training platform, pneumatic parts, material transport mechanism, material sorting mechanism and electrical control. Pneumatic parts is mainly composed of solenoid valve and cylinder; Material transport mechanism is mainly composed of three phase asynchronous motor and belt.

● The system achieves complex switching control, position control, logic control on motors and solenoid valve by sensor signal acquisition, PLC programming. To complete positioning, identification, classification the material on the conveyor.

● This system can support various types of PLC programming applications (Without PLC).

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