DOLANG DLGK-SIMNA-A 工业自动化网络综合培训系统

■ Overview

● DLGK-SIMNA-A industrial automatic network training platform based on automated network communication training as the main body and organically integrate the electrotechnics, electric drive, PLC, Frequency converter, HMI and other training content, realize the education resource sharing, to optimize the experimental teaching management.

■ Technical Parameter

● Input power: single-phase, three-wire ~220V±10% 50Hz/60Hz                                              

● Leakage protection: I △ n ≤ 30mA, t ≤ 0.1S   

   DC24V 5A DC power output, accident emergency off button,

   power supply indicator, protection against power error on electricity

● Working environment: 

   Temperature -10℃ ~ +40℃

   Relative humidity < 85% (25℃ )  

   Elevation < 4000M



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