DOLANG DLGK-SIMND 工业自动化网络一体化培训套装

■ Overview

● The system including three network of Siemens: The first one is management, use PLC S7-400 for computer distance management; the second one is process monitor, use Siemens S7-300 PLC as master station and communicate with S7-400 by internet; the third one is site control which including PLC-200,inverter and touch screen.And communicate with second one by PROFIBUS-DP.

■ Technical Parameter

● Total dimension: 1800×700×1760mm  

● Input power: three-phase,five-wire AC 380V±10%  50Hz/60Hz

● Output power: AC 380V safety terminal output: AC 220V safety socket output

   DC 24V safety terminal output: DC 0-10V safety terminal output

● Capacity: < 1KVA

■ Optional

● Computer

● PC software



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