● Total dimension: 1800×1800×1640mm

● Protective screening: 890×600,10×10mm

● Each station size: 900×600mm

● Steel thickness: ≥ 5mm

■ Optional

● Equipped with a motherboard/workstation, which can complete: Insert, practice and assessment of squares(or V plate), cup head, triangular head, dovetail plate.

● Assembly and maintenance system 1 set for each station, the system including synchronous belt drive, spur gear transmission, bevel gears transmission, the turbine worm drive, chain drive, linear guide module.

● Laboratory simulation software, the software shows the whole scene fitter station training through virtual roaming mode. Scenes include grinders, drilling and four-station fitter station character animation demo.



Workbench is four-station design, it can develop actual hands-on capability like crossed, sawing, filing, cutting chisel, tapping, reaming, etc. and master scribe, assembly, commissioning, maintenance and other skills.

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