DOLANG DLLY-4CDT 四层透明电梯培训套装

● The input power: AC220V plus or minus 5% (single three lines) frequency 50 Hz 

● The power rating: more than 1 KW 

● Environmental temperature: -10℃ ~ 40 ℃ 

● Relative humidity: more than 85% 

● Overall size: approximately 1980 x 660 x 3000 mm 

● P L C: Siemens S7-200 (Optional)

● Variable frequency device: M420-0.37 KW 

● Control mode: the switch quantity/digital quantity double control and VVVF technology 

● Layer: four layers 

● Traction machine power: 90 W / 380 V 

● Equipment weight: about 1000 Kg




This transparent four floor elevator trainer has same functions as the real elevator. It adopts an aluminum frame. Each action in the elevator's running process is clear at a glance. Students can operate repeatedly. Therefore, this elevator trainer enables students to learn and master the structure and action principle of the elevator more thoroughly.

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