DOLANG DLLY-BZ1 Closed-circuit Television and Monitoring and Arounding Prevention System Training Device

1, The input power: AC220V +_15%  50Hz /60Hz

2, The environment temperature:-20 °C ~ + 45 °C

3, Device capacity: < 1 kvA

4, Appearance size: 1668 mm x 805 mm x 1484 mm

5, Security protection: with the leakage automatic protection device



DLLY-BZ1 closed-circuit television and monitoring and around and prevention system training device is elaborate design comprehensive training device based on current electrical building, building intelligence professional training content , with the technical features of current closed-circuit television monitoring and the surrounding guard against the system, using quality monitoring equipment, and configuration multiple types of camera, hard disk video recorder, alarm input equipment, achieve image capture, transmission and control, image processing and display all content of closed-circuit monitoring system , provide remote network video monitoring function, and realize the linkage function with the surrounding prevention system , the system is stable and reliable, easy installation, can provide for practice teaching more research.

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