DOLANG DLPLC-FXGD 可编程逻辑控制器培训套件

● Total dimension: 1800×800×1662mm

● Input power: three-phase,five-wire AC 380V±10% 50Hz/60Hz

● Output power: AC380V safety terminal output, AC220V safety terminal/socket output, DC0-10V safety terminal output, DC0-20mA safety terminal output

● Capacity: <1KVA

■ Optional

● Mitsubishi analog module to complete analog experiments

● Network module, can provide two kinds of network frequency inverter and three phase asynchronous motor, complete frequency control of motor speed corresponding experiments.

Training contents

1 Motor started directly

2 Motor started forward

3 Motor started reversal

4 Flashing lights control

5 Emissions light control

6 Water-based light control

7 Automatic control of rolling mill

8 Single mail sorting control

9 A variety of mail sorting control

10 Full-automatic control of mail sorting

11 Traffic light automatic control

12 Traffic light manual control

13 Traffic light opening and closing controlled experiment

14 Rebladding experiment

15 Full-automatic control of machining center

16 Counter experiment

17 Automatic packing production liner

18 Two-axis manipulator automatic control



The PLC trainer uses a modular structure, experiment hanging box is color stereogram, Mitsubishi PLC module, switch inputs and various simulation units are all modulars, one experiment corresponds to one module, it can be combined according to the pilot project, network requirements, if need to increase the experiment in the future, you can simply add components.

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