DOLANG DLQD-DP201 电动气动训练套

The electro pneumatic trainer can accomplish the following experiment project type (can combine the hydraulic circuit and control system by oneself)

Pneumatic basic control circuit experiment,

Single acting cylinder automatic control,

Double acting cylinder automatic control,

Relay control technical application

Other comprehensiveness, expansibility experiment type pneumatic circuit.

■ Technical Parameter

● Power unit - air compressor (Basic configuration minicomputers)

● Power source: AC 220V±10%  50Hz/60Hz

● Motor power: 480W

● Nominal volume: 6L  Rated output pressure  0.85MPa

● Noise grade: 66dB

● Workbench

   Workbench size: 1360 X 650 X 1650mm

   Aluminum panel size: 1200 (L) X 600 (W)

■ Optional

● Teaching resources

● Pneumatic simulation software

● Valve terminal                  

● Step controller

● Lead frame

● Computer table



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