DOLANG DLQD-DP202 先进电子气动培训套装

■ Technical Parameter

● Power unit - air compressor (Basic configuration minicomputers)

● Power source: AC 220V±10%  50Hz/60Hz

● Motor power: 480W

● Nominal volume: 6L 

   Rated output pressure: 0.85MPa

● Noise grade: 66dB

● Workbench

   Workbench size: 1360 X 650 X 1650mm

   Aluminum panel size: 1200 (L) X 600 (W)

■ Optional

● Teaching resources

● Pneumatic simulation software

● Valve terminal         

● Step controller

● Lead frame              

● Computer desk

● DLQD-CY1 Electro pneumatic machining, stamping training object

● DLQD-JXS1 Electric pneumatic manipulator training object

Pneumatic basic experiment circuits illustrate:

Single acting cylinder reversing circuit,

Double acting cylinder reversing circuit,

Single acting cylinder speed control circuit,

Double acting cylinder one-way speed regulation circuit,

Double acting cylinder both-way speed regulation circuit,

Speed changing-over circuit,

Buffering circuit,

Twice pressure control circuit,

High and low voltage convert circuit,

Counting circuit,

Delay circuit,

Overload protection circuit,

Interlocking circuit,

Single cylinder single reciprocating control circuit,

Single cylinder continuous reciprocating action circuit,

Straight line cylinder , rotate cylinder sequence action circuit



The DLQD-DP202 advanced electro pneumatic training equipment is added with electronic control units on the basis of DLQD-DP101 pneumatic trainer. It uses a separate relay control unit and multiple buttons for electrical control. Users can also choose a PLC so as to further understand and master the PLC. The PLC can communicate with a PC to realize intelligent control.

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