DOLANG DLWD-5A I 培训系统评估配电和低压电源

● Rated insulation voltage: DC 660V

● Rated working voltage: AC 380V

● Rated operating voltage of auxiliary circuit: AC 380V  220V

● Busbar rated current: 100A

● Branch busbar rated current: 10-16A

● Total dimension:  500×800×2200mm



● The system completes the training projects involving power distribution room with high&low voltage electrical equipment, monitoring and meter reading, power relay and relay protection, switching operation and typical low-voltage electrical lines. 

● DLWD-5A Ⅰ Low voltage power supply & distribution training system includes a variety of GCK low voltage electric control cabinet which constitute varieties of power distribution circuit, 0.4KV voltage level power distribution cabinet, which is closer to the industrial field.

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