Technical Parameter

● Total dimension: 1600×800×1265mm

● Size of patch board: 650×500mm(Whole plate folding,stainless steel materials)

● Input power: three-phase, five-wire AC 380V±10%  50Hz/60Hz  With short circuit protection, leakage protection,overload protection, etc.

● Output power: 2-way AC 380V safety guard socket output and quadrupole standard socket output 2-way, AC 220V three-pole multi-socket output.

● DC regulated power supply output: 2-way 1.25~30V/2A  segmented coarse,every fine tuning, regulation precision 1%,with cut short-circuit soft protection and self-recovery function

● DC power: DC5V/2A, ammeter display, with short circuit protection

● AC segment output: 3-24V/3A 8- segment output, voltmeter instructions, dial switch control output.

■ Options

● Teaching resources   

● Simulation software   

● Electric drag components   

● Lighting components




●This equipment provides electric drive and indoor lighting training platform.The platform includes four tool drawers and two components cabinets.The desktop is covered with a layer of insulating rubber mat to ensure safe operation;one workbench has two stations.Power supply unit also provides two stations which can use simultaneously.Power supply unit offer a range of protective security measures like short circuit protection,overcurrent protection etc.

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