DOLANG DLXNY-GF05-Ⅱ Photovoltaic power generation training system

Technical parameters

(1) the main parameters of photovoltaic modules

Rated power: 20W

Rated voltage: 17.2V

Rated current: 1.17A

Open circuit voltage: 21.4V

Short circuit current: 1.27A

(2) the main parameters of the projection lamp

Voltage: AC220V

Rated power: 500W

(3) the main parameters of light sensors

4 quadrant

(4) the main parameters of the level pitching gearbox

Reduction ratio: 1: 80

(5) the main parameters of the pendulum gearbox

Reduction ratio: 1: 3000

PV power supply system training content

1. PV power supply system wiring.

2. Light sensor.

3. Photovoltaic battery module light source tracking control program design.

4 Photovoltaic battery output characteristics.

5. Charging characteristics of the battery and discharge protection.



DLXNY-GF05-ⅡPhotovoltaic power generation training system mainly composed of  photovoltaic power supply system, inverter and load system components. It uses modular structure and each system has an independent function, combined into a photovoltaic power generation training system. 

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