DOLANG DLXNY-GF07 Comprehensive Training System of Solar Photovoltaic Power Generation

Working power: AC220V 50Hz

Working environment: the ambient temperature range of -10 ~ 40 ℃ relative humidity ≤ 85% (25 ℃) altitude <4000m

Total power control, with leakage protection function, when the leakage current up to 30mA, the protection system action.

Maximum power consumption ≤ 2.0KW

Training contents

1.Principle of solar cell power generation experiment.

2.Energy conversion experiment of solar photovoltaic panels.

3.Influence of environment on photovoltaic conversion.

4.Experimental study on direct load characteristics of solar cell photovoltaic system.

5 Training of solar controller working principle.

6.Reactive protection of photovoltaic power generation system experiment.

7.Experiment on overcharge protection of battery by solar controller.

8.Experiment on over - discharge protection of battery by solar controller.

9.Night anti-charge experiment.

10.The working principle of off - grid inverter.

11.Grid - connected inverter working principle.



DLXNY-GF07 solar photovoltaic integrated training system is designed by modular concept, made by a simple security cable can be achieved the principle of photovoltaic power generation to understand the function of each components of this training system. Through the platform of equipment to complete the training of wiring training, through the training to improve the ability of wiring, components using and selection of the environment.

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