Dr.Storage F1BE-400H-QDN 防潮柜 (<1%RH)

Humidity Range: <1%RH (auto)

Outside Dimension: W600*D672*H1277mm

Internal Dimension: W598*D645*H1071mm

Capacity: 411L

Shelves: 3shelves

Color: Black

Voltage: 230V

Display Precision: ±3%RH; ±1°C

Software: Humidity Manager V2 for drawing the curve of RH and temperature.

Structure: 1mm thick carbon steel with paint.

Door: Handles, airtight magnetic sealers and reinforced glass.

Wheel: Four 3” wheels, two of them with brakes.

ESD Paint: 10^6~10^9Ω (surface resistance) 

Grounding Wire: 1.0MΩ

Power Consumption: 83W/h(Ave) 285W/h(Max)

The best performance of the dry cabinet is achieved under the ambient temperature below 30°C and relative humidity below 60%RH.



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