DRAMINSKI 4 兽医超声波检查仪/ 手提式/ 多功能/ 犬用

echnical data

Dimensions   23.0 x 17.0 x 6.5 cm
Unit weight   2060 g without probe and battery pack
Battery weight   280 g
Display modes   B Mode (Real-time),
B+B Mode (Dual Mode Display),
B+M Mode,
Image management   - freeze (image freeze),
– zoom 60 – 200% of the default image with the 20% increase rate,
– full screen function,
– saving images in memory and cine loop (256 frames),
– image and cine loop reading-in from the memory to the screen,
– dimensioning (distance, area, volume, fetus age tables),
Display   7” LCD LED backlight
Probes   convex 2–8 MHz,
microconvex 4–9 MHz,
linear 60 mm 5–10 MHz,
linear 40 mm 6–14 MHz,
endorectal 4–9 MHz
Number of probe ports   One port – connector with a mechanical blockade
Function control   membrane keyboard
Memory   image and cine loop saving to an internal disk with description and date
Image transmission
  via micro USB2.0
Power supply   bartery pack Li-Ion, 14.4V, 3.1Ah
Power consumption   approx. 0.9 A
Continuous operation on fully charged battery   about 3 h 10 min
Charging time   around 2.5 hours (2541 LI charger)
Low bartery indicator   graphic indicator – color-coded and a sound signal before autostart
Working temperature   +10°C to +45°C
Storage temperature   +5°C to +45°C


Now when you buy one of the ultrasound scanners (iScan, ANIMALprofi 2 or 4Vet mini) you will receive a protective apron with DRAMINSKI logo as a gift!

It has appropriate length, comfortable tie and practical color to provide comfort of work during examinations in the field.

Offer is valid until stocks run out!

Goggle for bovine ultrasound-scanner draminski 4vet mini, goggles for bovine/pigs/sheep examination, goggles for portable ultrasound scanners, imaging diagnosis


Due to expectations of our clients we prepared special version of DRAMINSKI 4Vet mini ultrasound scanner with viewing goggles. If you run animal examination outside, in full sun or inside in very bright places, then the goggles with clear image will make your work more convenient.

Goggle features:

  • very lights
  • comfortable to use
  • you can adjust viewing angle

Goggles are an option for you! You need, You decide, You use.


Versatility of veterinarian practice encouraged DRAMINSKI to create a state-of-the-art and compact ultrasound scanner with electronic probes powered by efficient batteries, which enables specialists to work in any conditions. Thanks to the use of fully digital technology, the device offers professional quality images in addition to being a portable and ergonomic tool for every large and small animal reproduction specialist.


Why should you have DRAMINSKI 4Vet mini?

  • Versatile ultrasound
    Thanks to the possibility of applying a wide range of electronic probes (rectal, convex, microconvex, etc.) the device allows mixed practice veterinarians to meet the requirements of all customers without investing in the purchase of additional devices.
  • Professional image quality
    Perfect image quality is guaranteed due to the advanced technology of digital processing and high resolution of the 7-inch LED-lit LCD display with a perfect contrast ratio and a very wide view angle, allowing for projection of top-class diagnostic images.
  • High functionality
    The functional keyboard ensures fast and easy access to the most important functions during examination and special distribution of keys makes it a comfortable tool for specialists examining either with the right or the left hand. A rich menu enables the use of a number of practical software options.
    DRAMINSKI 4Vet mini also offers:
    – a set of lithium-ion batteries that guarantee continuous operation for more than 6 hours
    – high capacity memory that enables image and cine loop recording and viewing on the device
    – easy data transfer through USB 2.0 connector to a flash drive
  • Mobility, ergonomics and strength
    Thanks to its low weight (only 2 kg) and small dimensions the device is a fully portable. Additionally, a very robust aluminum casing ensures high strength and long service life of the ultrasound even in harsh field conditions.


A standard set contains:

  • scanner body,
  • electronic probe (to be arranged with the producer: linear rectal or convex or microconvex),
  • 2 packages of external lithium-ion batteries,
  • battery charger, with a set of cables,
  • bottle of ultrasound gel,
  • transport case with foam,
  • manual.


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