DRAMINSKI Animal profi 2 兽医超声波检查仪/ 手持式/ 多功能

A compact ultrasonic scanner with changeable mechanical probes – an excellent device used by field veterinary doctors almost in every situation to perform diagnostics of large and small animals.

DRAMINSKI Animal profi 2 is a multipurpose portable ultrasound scanner used in diagnostics in the area of reproduction of animals which due to its small dimensions and weight as well as its robust aluminum body works well outdoors. It is supplied with a pack of external large capacity accumulators, which guarantees comfort of work for a long time.

 Why should you have a Draminski Animal profi 2?

  • Versatile ultrasonic scanner
    It works with two mechanical probes with a wide angle of scanning (recital 180º and abdominal 90º). It gives wide possibilities of examining a large variety of animals, for example: cows, mares, sheep, pigs, goats, dogs, camels, alpaca and even dolphins.
  • Professional image quality
    The ultrasound scanner functions on the basis of a small-size computer system with technologically advanced electronics which guarantees high quality imaging. There is a high quality LED backlit LCD. Its diagonal is 7” and it is characterized by wide angles of view, excellent contrast, brightness and definition which guarantee quality ultrasonic imaging. The user can adjust brightness of the monitor using special positions in the menu. Additionally, the ultrasound scanner can be equipped with a special anti-solar shield which enables performing examinations outdoors when it is exposed to sunlight.
  • High functionality
    Owning to its functional keyboard the access to the most important functions during the examination is fast and easy, and specially arranged keys make the ultrasonic scanner a comfortable device for vets who perform examination both with their right or left hand. A rich menu guarantees the use of many practical software options, especially for optimizing the image parameters.DRAMINSKI Animal profi 2 is also:
    -asy to send images and cine-loop through a USB 2.0 port to an external memory device
    - full courser measuring and embryo age tables, additional measuring devices such as a ruler, a net, and a sighting device
    - very efficient power supplying batteries
    - ultrasonic probes with high mechanical resistance
    - high resistance to water, dust and other pollution
  • Large diagnostics capabilities
    This device is aimed at diagnostics in order to monitor progression of a disease or the physiological conditions using a 2D black-and-white image. With the help of the ultrasonic scanner it is possible to examine the abdominal cavity organs, perform urological, gynecological examinations and per rectum examinations (using the rectal probe) in different kinds of animals.


Technical data

Dimensions 23.0 x 17.0 x 6.0 cm
Unit weight 1530 g
Probe weight 265 g
Battery weight 280 g
Image presentation (projection) mode Real-time imaging, B Mode, B+B Mode, B+M Mode
Image managing - Freeze
- Zoom 60 – 200% of original image every 20%
- Full screen function
- Image and cine loop saving in memory (256 images)
- Import of images and cine loops from the memory to the screen
- Measuring (distance, surface, size, embryo age tables)
Type and probe frequency mechanical, sector (rectal or abdominal) 5.0 MHz (frequency range 3.5-7 MHz)
Penetration depth abdominal probe: to 7, 10, 12, 15 , 20 cm
rectal probe: to 7, 10, 12 cm
Scanning angle 90º – abdominal probe, 180º – rectal probe
Display LED backlit LCD, diagonal 7.0”
Functions management membrane keyboard
Image and cine loop memory memory capacity for min. 200 images and 200 cine-loops with date and description
Image transmission to external memory device through USB2.0
Power supply external package of Li-Ion batteries, 14.4V, 3.1Ah
Continuous operation on fully charged battery 4 h 30 min.
Current consumption about 0.71 A
Charging time about 2.5 h (charger Type 2541 LI)
Low battery indicator graphic indicator – coded by colour and sound signal before automatic switch-off
Operating temperature range +10°C to +45°C
Storage temperature range +5°C to +45°C

The set includes:

  • a scanner body,
  • a mechanical probe (recital or abdominal, as agreed with the producer)
  • 2 packs of external Li-Ion batteries
  • a charger with a set of wires
  • a bottle of USG gel
  • an Explorer transportation case
  • the user’s manual.
  • OPTIONAL: solar shield










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