EAST TESTER ET1080E 数字 LCR 表 (100KHz)

Measurement Parameter: Main parameter: L/C/R/Z; secondary parameter: X/D/Q/θ/ESR

Equivalent mode: Series, parallel

Mode of range: Manual, automatic

Measurement speed: Fast(4 times/s), medium(2 times /s), slow(1 times /s)

Configuration of the test terminal: 3-terminal, 5-terminal

Correction function: Short circuit, open circuit

Communication interface: Mini-USB(virtual serial port)

Frequency of test signal: 10Hz-100KHz adjustable, 1Hz stepping

Level of test signal: 0.1Vrms-0.75Vrms adjustable, 1mVrms stepping

Output impedance: 100Ω

Highest accuracy (see accuracy indicators for details): 0.2%

Electrolysis and capacitance mode: Yes

DCR mode: Yes

Internal bias: 0-500mV adjustable, 1mV stepping

Scope of measurement: 




Correction function: Open circuit correction 

Screening function: The limit range can be set to 1%-50%, which is fixed at 1%,5%,10%,20%

Deviation measurement: The percentage of deviation between the nominal value of the component and the setting and display

Other: Adjust backlight brightness, Device USB, automatic shutdown time can be set


1,Mini-USB data Wires;

2, power adapter;

3, short circuit chip;

4, red&black rubber plug;        

5,large capacity lithium battery

Optional Accessories: Kelvin test clip; SMD test clamp



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