EAST TESTER ET1091C 台式数据LCR表 (0.2%; 10~100kHz)

Digits: Main parameter: 5 digits; secondary parameter: 5 digits

Measurement Parameter: Main parameter: L/C/R/Z; secondary parameter: X/D/Q/θ/ESR

Measurement Range(L): 0.01μH - 9999H

Measurement Range(C): 0.01pF - 99999μF

Measurement Range(R): 0.0001Ω - 99.99MΩ

Basic Accuracy: 0.2%

Test Frequency (Hz): 10~100kHz  1Hz Stepping

Measurement Display Speed: 2 times/second (slow), 4 times/second (medium speed), 8 times/sec (fast)

Internal Bias: 0-1500mV adjustable, 1mV stepping

Test Level: 0.1V~2V adjusted   ,1mV  Stepping  

Correction Function: Open circuit correction, short circuit correction

Screening function: The screening limit can be set from -50% to + 50% with fixed points of 1%, 5%, 10% and 20%

Communication Interface: Standard configuration: USB, RS232 (or 485), Handle interface; Optional: GPIB, USB Host

Others: Support DCR, electrolytic capacitor measurement mode, adjustable backlight brightness,  optional in English and Chinese

General Technical Specifications

Power supply voltage: 220V AC ± 10%, or 110V AC ± 10%, 45-65Hz

Working environment: 0 ~ 40 ℃, relative humidity <80%.

Storage environment: -10 ~ 50 ℃, relative humidity <80%.

Dimensions: 265mm * 105mm * 305mm (width * height* depth).

Mass: 2.3kg.

Standard Accessories:

Four-terminal-pair Kelvin test cable (35A51).

Three-core power cord (30A51).

One User Manual.


Optional accessories:

RS232 serial cable/USB data cable.

Handle cable.

Four-terminal-pair Kelvin test fixture (including short block)

SMD component test fixture (including short block)



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