EAST TESTER ET2780 多通道组合校准器

1. Display screen: 4.3 inch color screen (resolution 480*272).

2. The number of signal modules supported: 8 roads, completely isolated from each other.

3. Display mode: single, 2, 4 and 8 are optional, and the loop display is supported (the interval can be set).

4. Output mode: support input value, cursor shift and knob adjustment in three forms.

5. Support % display.

6. Support the graphical display of historical data.

7. Support maximum, minimum and average display.

8. Support measurement lock.

9. Support step, slope, point output, etc.

10. Friendly human-computer interaction interface, convenient operation mode; Host software can be upgraded by customers themselves.

11. Provide multiple interface functions to support secondary development of customers.

12. Data memory function: up to 10000 sets of data storage memory function.

13. Support the logic condition response of the module, the response speed: 100ms, and the response speed of external I/O port: 20µs.

14. Communication mode: standard configuration RS232, LAN, USB, optional configuration GPIB, communication protocol is provided free of charge.

15. Power supply mode: 220 V.AC10%, 50HZ, optional 100/110v. Ac10% (description of ordering).

16. Host power consumption: 5W single machine, 10W when using USB function.

17. The signal module allows the maximum power consumption: the maximum 10W of the single-channel module and the maximum 20W of the 8-channel signal module.



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