EAST TESTER ET3860C Digital Thermometer (20 ~ 50 ℃)

Temperature Range: 20~50℃

Accuracy: 0.05℃

Resolution rate: 0.001℃

Calibration Period: 1 Year

Sensor Length: 300mm、500mm(19.68 in) for option

Sensor Diameter: 5mm

Sensor Material: 316s stainless steel (medical and food grade )

Sensor Specification:  Coil platinum resistance

Sampling rate: 0.5, 1S, 2S  

Data Storage: 16000 data

Connect: USB or wireless communication for option  

Wireless communication range: No shelter160m

Battery Type: High temperature resistant lithium battery

Battery’s lifetime: No less than 1000 charge and discharge cycles

Battery charge time: 2.5 hours

Working temperature of communication module: −20℃ ~ 60℃(14℉~122℉)

Main operating environment: −10℃ ~ 50℃(14℉ ~122℉)

Main engine protection class: IP50

Sensor protection class: IP68

Dimension: 106(L)X 57(W)X27(H)

Weight: 190g

Storage: −20℃ ~60℃(−4℉ ~140℉);5%RH-80%RH



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