EAST TESTER ET5304 可编程直流电阻 (400W; 150V; 60A)

Rated input

Power: 400W(200W*2)

Input voltage: 0-150V

Input current: 0-60A(30A*2)

CV mode: 0.1~19.999V,0.1~150.00V

CC mode: 0~3.000A,0~30.00A

CR mode: 0.05Ω~1 kΩ,1 kΩ~4.5kΩ

CP mode: 0~200W

Battery test 

Accuracy: CC,CR

Discharge mode: 9999Ah

Maximum discharge capacity: 1mA,10mA,10mΩ,100mΩ

Measuring range:

Voltage readback: 0~19.999V,0 ~150.00V

Current readback: 0~3.000A,0~30.00A

Power readback: 200W

Scope of protection: OVP, OCP, OPP, Over-temperature protection

Power supply voltage: 220Vac±10%, 110Vac±10%, 45-65Hz

Display: 3.5-inch TFT LCD screen with resolution of 480×320

Operating temperature: 0℃ to 40℃

Storage temperature: -10℃ to 70℃

Relative humidity: < 80%

Interface: standard USB, RS232 or 485(optional)

Size: 320mm×220mm×100mm (width × height × depth

Standard accessories:

Three-core power cord    1

Power fuse                2

User manual               1

Optional accessories:

Light disk

USB cable

232 cable

Output wire



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