Ersted TDR RI-10M2 线缆损坏定位仪



- The range of distance measurement (time delay): from 0 to 50000m (from 0 to 500μs)

- Subranges measurements: 0–125m (0–1.25μs); 0–250m (0–2.5μs); 0-500m (0-5μs); 0–1000m (0–10μs); 0–2500m (0–25μs);

                                              0–5000m (0–50μs); 0–12500m (0–125μs); 0–25000m (0–250μs); 0–50000m (0–500μs)

- Instrumental error of the distance measurement: from 0.04% to 0.4% depending on subrange measurements

- Effective sampling rate: 200MHz

- Range of impedance matching: from 25Ω to 600Ω

- Pulse width: from 10ns to 50μs

- Pulse amplitude: 10V on the matched load

- Sensitivity receiving tract: 1mV (80dB)

- VOP: 33.3% ... 99.9% (step 0.1%)

Cable-Bridge mode: Limits of permissible absolute error of measurement of:

- The loop resistance: in the range of 1Ω to 9900Ω ± (0.005R +0.2)Ω

- The insulation resistance: + when measuring DC voltage (180±10)V in the range of from 10Ω to 999 kΩ±0.01R

                                            + in the range from 1 to 999 MΩ±0.02R

                                            + in the range from 1000 to 10.000MΩ±0.1R

- Electrical capacitance: ranging from 1nF to 3000nF±(0.1 C 1)nF

- The DC voltage: in the range from 1 V to 200 V ± (0,01 U +1) V

- AC voltage frequency (50±5)Hz: ranging from 10V to 250V±(0.02U +2)V


- Display: monochrome 3.8" (320×240 pixels)

- Continuous operating time on battery power: at least 8 hours

- Time of continuous operation through the power supply: Unlimited

- Overall dimensions: 110х230х190mm

- Operating Temperature Range: from -20°С to +40°С

- Weight of device with battery: not more than 2kg



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