ESTON Se-503L紫外老化试验箱

Manufacturer: ESTON 

Model: Se-503L

Warranty: 12 months

Internal Size DWH:  1140×640×690mm

External Size DWH: 1300×700×1630mm

Test Standards: ASTM G154, ASTM G151, JIS D-0201, H-8502, H-8610 etc.

Condensation; Irradiance Control; Water Spray; “Eye”: Yes

Internal Materials: SUS304 Stainless Steel

Lamps: UVA-340 or UVB-313 (8 pcs)

Wave Length: UVA (315 ~ 400nm), UVB(280 ~ 315nm)

Lamp Power: 40W / Each

Lamp Life: ≥1600 hours

Test Time: 0 ~ 999 hours(Adjustable)

Center distance of lamp: 70 mm

Distance of specimen and lamp: 50±3mm

Irradiance: 1.0 W/m2 (Adjustable)

Effective Radiation Area: 900×290mm

Irradiance blackboardtemperature: +50℃ ~ +70℃

Specimen Size: 75×290mm

Specimen Shelf Quantity: 24 sets

Temperature Range: Rt +10℃ ~ +70℃

Temperature Fluctuation: ±0.5℃

Temperature Uniformity: ±1.0℃

Humidity Range: ≥90%RH

Water Consumption: 18 liters/ day

Controller: PLC 

Running mode: Fix or Program running

Sensor: PT100

Safety function: Over-temperature protection; Fuse protection;  Water shortage protection; Ground protection

Power Supply: 220V/240V, 50Hz, 1-ph  or   380V, 50Hz, 3-ph

Relative Room Temperature: 5℃~ 35℃

Relative Room Humidity: ≤ 85% RHH

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