EVERFINE HB-4B 电子镇流器测试系统

Measurement function: Measure the input voltage, current, active power, power factor, frequency, total harmonic distortion of voltage and current, THD, relative and effective value of fractional harmonic, harmonic spectrum, actual waveform of voltage and current.

Harmonic analysis function: The total harmonic distortion of voltage and current and the effective value and relative value of each harmonic from 0 to 39th are analyzed

Input test characteristics

Voltage: 3V~300V

Current: 0.05A~1.00/10.00A

Active power: 5W~3000W

Measurement accuracy: ±(0.1%Reading+0.1%Range+1 digit)

Output characteristics test

Output start characteristics: The output starting characteristic of the ballast can be measured, that is, the changing process of lamp voltage, lamp current and lamp power within 0 ~ N seconds (N can be set as 60 ~ 600 seconds) after the low-frequency or high-frequency electronic ballast is started.



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