EVERFINE OST-500 光学性能测试系统 (200nm~3000nm)

Measurement wavelength range: 200nm~3000nm

Wavelength accuracy: ±0.1nm (maximum)

Radiance measurement geometry: Accord with CIE/IEC pupil simulation condition.

Imaging radiometer: 16 bit scientific grade refrigeration CCD, over one million pixels.

Measuring field of view: 100mrd/11mrd/1.7mrd or any other field of view, meeting the requirements of CIE/IEC standard.

The maximum weight of the sample: 50kg

Maximum size of the sample: 1.5m

Automatically identify and position the maximum accessible optical emission

Adopting patent technologies, it features high accuracy, hign reliability and full automatically.

The value can be traced back to the National Standards Institute of Technology (NIST) or the Metrology Institute of China (NIM).

Pulse lamp test: Composed of high precision and fast spectrum radiometer, special software, and can be used to measure pulse light with the conventional photo biological safety testing system. (optional)

Laser radiation test: Band coverage: 200-1600nm, measuring the maximum radiation power (or energy) of the laser products under the conditions 1, condition 2 and condition 3 to meet the requirements of the IEC 60825 standard. (optional)



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