EVERFINE POPA-1300B 投影仪光学性能分析系统 (0.1 lux - 200 klux)

Wavelength range: 380-780nm

Wavelength accuracy: ± 0.5nm

CRI: Ra and Ri (i=1 ~ 14) (special computable R15)

Illuminance range: 0.1 lux to 200 klux (color display not less than 5lx)

Projection area: maximum 100 inches. Customers can freely move detectors on the projection screen for different size of projection screens.

Projectors with different sizes and focal lengths can be moved on the slide.

Software functions: ANSI luminous flux, contrast, illumination uniformity, color uniformity, color gamut and other parameters. Software can set the limit of judgement.



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