EVERFINE SFIM-400 光谱闪烁辐照度计 (380nm~780nm, 100,000K, 5 kHz)

Spectra range: 380nm~780nm

Wavelength accuracy: ±0.5nm

Illuminance accuracy: ±(3% reading+1 digit)

SBCT technology: Yes

Accuracy of chromaticity coordinate: ±0.001(Relative to the standard light source whose stability is better than ±0.0001 and NIM traceable calibrated value)

CCT Range: 1,000K~100,000K

Stray Light: ≤0.3%

Integrating Time: 0.1ms ~ 5000ms

Illuminance range: 0.01 lx~200 klx

FFT Range: 0Hz~5 kHz

Communication port: USB-type-C

Communication: Host--Detector:USB/BLUETOOTH; Host--PC:USB/WIFI

Data store: 6G (Built in)

Power supply: Rechargeable lithium battery/Adapter; more than 4hours running time

Working T/H Range: (5~30)℃,RH<80%(No condense)

Store T/H Range: (0~35)℃,RH<80%(No condense)

Screen: 5.0" LCD touchable screen

Accessories: Lithium battery(1 PC)、Adapter(1 PC)、USB cable(1 PC)、Host--Detector connect cable(1 PC)

Weight (including battery): 320g



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