Spectral range: 800-1000nm;

Half-peak bandwidth: 0.2nm;

Wavelength accuracy: 0.05nm;

Temperature control method of temperature control fixture: TEC automatic temperature control, with an accuracy of 0.1℃ (optional);

PD current measurement can be realized (optional);

Equipped with us-level and ns-level pulse power sources (according to customer requirements)

1) Us pulse power supply for VCSEL measurement

Programmable pulse output can be realized, with adjustable pulse width and duty cycle;

Pulse width: 100μs~30ms;

Duty ratio: 1%~90%;

Pulse constant current measurement range: 0~5A;

Pulse voltage measurement range: 0~5V;

Maximum output capacity: 5A/5V;

Voltage and current measurement accuracy: 0.2% of reading + 0.1% of range

2) ns pulse power supply for VCSEL measurement (optional)

Minimum pulse width: 1ns;

Peak current: 15A;

Repetition frequency: 100MHz



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