FORMLABS RS-F2-ELCL-01 彈性打印樹脂 (Form 2 - 3)

  • 制造商: FORMLABS
    Model: RS-F2-ELCL-01
    来源: Korea
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Whether you’re optimizing your manufacturing process, rapidly iterating through designs, or assessing form, fit, and function, our Engineering Resins for the Form 2 are formulated to withstand extensive testing and perform under stress.

Our softest Engineering Resin, this 50A Shore durometer material is suitable for prototyping parts normally produced with silicone. Choose Elastic Resin for parts that will bend, stretch, compress, and hold up to repeated cycles without tearing.

Supports print resolutions: 100 microns.

Post-curing required.

Requires Resin Tank LT for Form 2.

Requires Form 3 Resin Tank V2 for Form 3. 

Elastic Resin decreases the lifetime of resin tanks.

Notice: Form 3 Resin Tank V1 is incompatible with Rigid, Grey Pro, and Elastic Resins. There are two versions of the Form 3 Resin Tank: Tank V1 and Tank V2.

Ultimate Tensile Strength: 3.23 MPa/ 468 psi

Stress at 50% elongation: .94 MPa / 136 psi

Stress at 100% elongation: 1.59 MPa / 231 psi 

Elongation at Failure: 160%

Compression set at 23C for 22 hrs: 2%

Compression set at 70C for 22 hrs: 9%

Tear strength: 19.1 kN/m / 109 lbf/in 

Shore hardness: 50A



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