FOTRIC 346A 热像仪 ( -20℃ ~ 1200℃, 384*288 pixels)

Infrared Resolution: 384*288

Super Resolution (SR): 768*576

Thermal Sensitivity(NETD): <0.04℃@30℃

Temperature Measurement

Range (smart switch between): -20℃ to 150℃ (-4℉ to 302℉);

                              0℃ to 650℃ (32℉ to 1202℉);

                             200℃ to 1200℃ (392℉ to 2192℉);

IFOV with Standard Lens

(spatial resolution): 1.14mrad

Digital Zoom

(Continuous adjustment of roller: 1x to 8x

User-definable Spot Markers: 8

User-defined Measurement

Boxes(rectangle or circle): 8


Measurement Lines: 8

Minimum Focus Distance: 0.1m

Focus Mode: TurboFocus speedy Intelligent Auto focus

system for continuous, laser distance,

graphic contrast, manual

Laser Measurement: Distance, Length and Area 

Standard Configuration: Infrared thermal imager, lens, lens cover, batteries, battery charger,

power adapter, USB type-C to USB interface cable,micro HDMI to

HDMI interface cable, SD card, SD card reader, accessory bag (wrist

strap, 2 wrist strap holders, 2 M4 * 8 screws, lanyard, Allen wrench),

information bag (packing list,user manual, calibration certificate,

certificate of QC, certificate of inspection, warranty card, USB),

portable soft bag, hard portable case

Optional Lens: 

Wide-angle: 44°×34° (<0.1m)

Telephoto: 15°×11° (<0.25m)

Ultra Telephoto: 7°×5° (<1.0m)



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