GESTER GT-RC02 织物热保护测试仪

Measure the thermal insulation performance of flame-retardant protective clothing fabrics exposed to radiant heat sources and convection heat sources to detect the thermal protection performance of protective clothing, safety shoes, gloves, and helmet outer surfaces.

Specimen Size: 150×150mm

Specimen Radiated Size: 100×100mm

Radiant Thermal-Flux Source:

9pcs of 500w quartz burner; Interval: 13.0±0.5mm

(Optional: 14.3±0.5mm for GB 8965.1 Standard)

Convective Thermal-Flux Source:

2 burners at 20°to 30°angle from the vertical,

Gas supply: Methane (Purity≥99%) or Propane (Purity≥95%)

(Optional: 45°for GB 8965.1 Standard)

Heat Flow Meter: K-Type Thermocouple wire (diameter ≤0.25mm), Resolution: 0.1℃, Accuracy: 0.7℃

Data Collection System: Collect frequency: 10Hz

Radiant Thermal-Flux: (13 4)kW/m2[(0.3±0.1)cal/cm2×s]

Whole Thermal-Flux: (84 2)kW/m2 [(2.00±0.05)cal/cm2×s]

Power Supply: 220V 50Hz 5Kw

Dimension: 930×740×890mm

Weight: ≈100kg



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