GFUVE GF2011 Portable Wireless High Voltage Primary Ammeter ((Wireless))

Electrical parameters 

Power supply:

        Ammeter: DC6V Alkaline Dry Battery (1.5V AAA X 4),

        Receiver: DC7.5V Alkaline Dry Battery (1.5V AA X 5), working 10 hours

Test mode: Clamp CT, integral approach

Transmission mode: Wireless transmission, the maximum distance of straight line transmission is about 30m

Display mode: 4 bit LCD display, with backlight function

Sampling rate: 2 times/second

Measurement scope: 0.00mA-1200A (50/60Hz automatic)

Resolution: 0.01mA

Shift: 0.00mA-1200A automatic shift

Accuracy (23°C±5°C, below 70%RH): 

        0.000mA-120.00A:      ±1%±3dgt 

        120.00A-1200.0A:      ±1%±5dgt

Line voltage: Below 69KV line test (with 5 insulation rods operation)

Data memory: 99 sets

Automatic shutdown: 15 minutes after boot

Battery voltage: <4.8V alarm active

Insulation strength: AC 100kV/rms (between the 5th insulation rod and high voltage Ammeter core)

Structure: Anti-drip type II

Safety provisions: IEC1010-1, IEC1010-2-032, Pollution Class 2, CAT III (600V), IEC61326(EMC standard)

Mechanical parameters 

LCD dimensions (mm): 47×28.5

Meter dimension (LxWxH) (mm): 87×262×37

Meter weight: 2.5kg (including insulation rod and battery, tester 335g)

Clamp dimension (mm): Ф50

Insulation rod dimension: φ50mm, 1m/piece (5m)

Environmental conditions 

Working temperature: -25°C to 40°C

Working humidity: Below 80%Rh

Storage temperature: -10°C to 60°C

Storage humidity: Below 70%Rh

Accessories: Ammeter 1 pc; Receiver 1 pc; Ammeter box 1 pc; Telescopic insulation rod (5m) 1 pc; Battery Rechargeable Alkaline Dry Battery(AA X 5+AAA X 4)



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