GFUVE GF211 便携式相量机 (100V± 25V; 1A±0.2A)


Accuracy class:  1%, 2%

Power supply: Two 9V batteries


Phase: 0-360°

AC Voltage: 500V

AC Current: 200mA/2A/10A

Fundamental error (under standard operating environment)

Temperature: 23°C±5°C

Moisture: <65%

Wave form: Sine wave Distortion ≤1%

Frequency: 50± 2Hz, 60± 2Hz

Wire position: Center of clamp

Phase measurement:

        Voltage: 100V± 25V

        Current: 1A±0.2A

Phase accuracy: 1.0% FS

Voltage accuracy 

        200V: 1.0FS, Resolution: 0.1V

        500V: 1.0FS, Resolution: 1V

Voltage accuracy 

        10A: 2.0FS, Resolution: 10mA

        2A: 2.0FS, Resolution: 1mA

        200mA: 2.0FS, Resolution: 0.1mA

Input impedance

When measure voltage: 1MΩ

Input voltage impedance: >120KΩ when measure phase

Phase measurement

Voltage accuracy: 3V-500V

Current range: 0.01A-10A

Additional error

Measure phase angle, the voltage and the current: Less than the fundamental error

Measure current: The error led by wires away from center of clamps is less than the fundamental error

Safety specification  

Resistance ~ voltage: The meter can resist 1000V (AC sine wave, 50Hz or 60 Hz) for 1 minute between the meter circuit and the meter case; Between input joint U1 and U2 can resist 500V (AC sine wave, 50Hz or 60 Hz) for 1 minute.

Insulation resistance: The resistance both between the meter circuit and the meter surface and between the terminals U1 and U2 is greater than 100MΩ.


Dimensions (W×D×H) (mm): 185×167×35

Weight (kg): 0.5


Working temperature: 0°C±40°C

Humidity: ≤80%



Double clamp phase volt-ampere meter: 1 piece 

Clamps 10A: 2 pieces

Clamp wire: 2 pieces

Voltage wire: 2 pieces

User's manual: 1 piece 

Certification of quality: 1 piece 

Box: 1 piece  



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