Global PB-503LAB 电子技术教学套件

3-wire AC line input (120 V, 60 Hz typical) with power-on indicator 
Available in 220-240 VAC @ 50 Hz
Fixed DC Output
+5 V @ 1.0 A, ripple <5 mv="" br=""> Variable DC Output
+1.3 V to +15 V @ 0.5 A, ripple <5 mv="" br=""> Variable DC Output
-1.3 V to -15 V @ 0.5 A, ripple <5 mv="" br=""> Frequency Range
0.1 Hz to 100 kHz in six ranges
Output Voltage
0 to ±10 V (20 Vpp)
Output Impedance
600 Ω (except TTL)
Output Current
10 mA maximum, short circuit protected
Output Waveforms
Sine, square, triangle
Logic Indicators
8 LEDs, active high, 1.4 volt (nominal) threshold, input protected to ±20 volts
Debounced Push-Button (Pulsers)
Two push-button-operated, open-collector output pulsers, each with one normally-open, one normally-closed output. Each output can sink up to 250 mA
1 kΩ and 10 kΩ, all leads available and uncommitted
BNC Connectors
Two BNC connectors, pin available and uncommitted, shell connected to ground
Two SPDT slide switches, all leads available and uncommitted
8-pole DIP switch: one side of all eight switches connected and switchable to +5 V or ground, other side of all eight switches separate, available, and uncommitted
0.25 W, 8 Ω
Breadboarding Area
Three UBS-100 sockets with 840 tie-points each for a total of 2520 uncommitted tie-points
Two QT-59B bus strips internally connected to power and ground
Fifty tie-points each for +5 V, ±1.3 V to ±15 V, and ground
High-impact molded case
GSC-2301: Electronics Fundamentals Student Text
GSC-2302: Electronics Fundamentals Instructor Guide
GSC-2311: Electronics Fundamentals Lab Manual
GSC-2312: Electronics Fundamentals Lab Solution Set
GSC-3200: Digital Electronics Student Text
GSC-3201: Digital Electronics Instructor Guide

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