GOTT GOTT-ACMCBI-152 AC 变频电机控制培训系统


Frequency Inverter - Code 152-003

Input: 3 x 415VAC/50-60 Hz

(IL, N 1.6A continuous, IL, N (60S) 2.6A max.)

 Output: 0-100 % of power supply (IINV1.7A, Imax (60S) 2.7A ,

SINV 1.1kVA, PM,N 0.55kW, PM,N 0.75 HP)

Port: 1 Port control (DB-15) for link control panel

Torque characteristics: Constant torque 160% in 1 min

Variable torque 160% in 1 min

High starting torque 180% for 0.5 sec

Control characteristics: Frequency range 0.2-132 Hz, 1-1000Hz

Speed control range: Open loop 1:15 of synchronous speed

Close loop 1:120 of synchronous speed

Range Type: Linear, Sine shaped

Display: LED 6 digit

Power Supply Console - Code 152-001

There are six modules as per follows:

Socket Outlet240/415VAC

Power Socket 240/415VAC

Power Supply 240VDC 1A

Double Outlet 2P + PE 16A 240VAC

Schuko Socket 2P + PE 16A 240VAC

Main Power Supply 240/415VAC

Control Panel - Code 152-002

Digital input : 6 points (12, 18,19, 17, 19, 33)

Analog input : 3 points (0~10 V, 4~20 mA, Common)

Analog output : 2 points (+40, -55)

Input port : DB 25 connect to inverter

Resistive Load - Code 152-004

Resistance: 1~7 Steps

Frequency Meter - Code 152-005

Range: 46~54 Hz

Accuracy: Class 1.5

 Voltage coil: 240VAC

Ac Voltmeter - Code 152-006

Type: Moving coil

Range: 0~500 VAC

Accuracy: Class 1.5

DC Voltmeter - Code 152-007

Type: Moving coil

Range: 0~300 VDC

Accuracy: Class 1.5

AC Ammeter - Code 152-008

AC Ammeter 0-1.5A

DC Ammeter - Code 152-009

DC Voltmeter 0-300V

Three Phase Wattmeter - Code 152-010

Wattmeter 1000W 415VAC 3P

Lamp Load 220 Vac 40 W X 5 - Code 152-011

Lamp type: Incandescent

Tacho Generator - Code 159-017

Speed: 2000rpm

Output: Max. 20VDC

DC Generator - Code 152-013

Power: 150W

Exciting voltage: 220 VDC

Output voltage: 220 VDC at 4000 rpm

Current limit: 1.46 A

Three Phase Induction Motor - Code 159-004

Power: 170kW

Voltage rate: 415VAC

Current rate: 0.45A

Speed: 1500 rpm

Connection: Δ & Υ

Pulley and Rubber Coupling - Code 431-000

U-Link - Code 159-019

For connecting junction point

Safety Connecting Lead - Code 237-000

Quantity 40 pcs

o Length 50 cm (30 pcs)

o Length 100 cm (10 pcs)

Vertical Frame - Code 297-000

High level: DIN standard A4 with two shelves

Material: Aluminium

Side Frame: T shape

Size: 3-Layer 1450mm Length

Experiment Manual - Code 152-018


- Start-stop control induction motor with key pad

-  Start-stop control induction motor with external signal

- Motor control reversing

-  Motor speed control by variation frequency type

-  Motor speed control by DC voltage (0-10V)

-  Fixed time frequency increment start motor and stop according to frequency decrement

- Fixed time frequency increment start motor and stop motor with DC brake

-  Motor speed control by frequency increment and decrement with panel SW

- Motor speed control by speed selection with panel SW

- Motor speed control by Jog frequency type

- Open-loop motor control

- Close-loop motor control


(1) All manuals are written in English 

(2) Model Answer 

(3) Teaching Manuals



The trainer has been created for learning of speed control of AC motor with inverter controller. Can be control both open-loop and close-loop method. Used frequency inverter as speed control unit.

The individual units of an experimental set-up are connected via 4-mm. safety sockets which are arranged in large, synoptically graphical symbols or current flow diagrams.

Due to the vertical arrangement of the experimental panels, the experimental set-up can be seen from a far distance and can be adapted step by step to the course of the lessons or lectures

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