GOTT GOTT-ACT-2 汽车空调培训系统


• Fault current circuit breaker to trip the mains if the leakage occurs 

• Emergency stop to prevent the system to stop function if the system malfunction 

• Color synoptic diagram, provided with signaling lamps, mounted on painted and baked steel structure 

• Open compressor, range 700 W to 2.5 kW 

• Pulley transmission 

• Forced air variable flow condenser 

• Multiple-speed forced air evaporator 

• Variable speed, three-phase electrical motor 

• Vibration-proof devices on all pipes connected to the motor 

• High low pressure switch for safety purpose 

• Adjustable hand valve 

• Digital thermometers 

• Pressure gauges 

• Floating flow meter 

• Electronic instrument for electrical parameters measurement


Practical applications of procedures for: 

• Gas recovery 

• Evacuating & cleaning the system 

• Gas loading & testing the circuit for leaks 

• Starting the system & checking the safety devices

Compressor opening, exam & mounting Searching for: 

• Faults on the circuit or its main components 

• Faults caused by a faulty charge, to a plant unbalancing or to excessive heat load 

• Experiments on the variations on the cycle at the motor

Calculation of: 

• Exchange coefficients of the evaporator and the condenser 

• Heat balances 

• C.O.P. and E.E.R

These calculations can be repeated indefinitely, changing the following parameters: 

• Refrigerant flow 

• Motor speed 

• Air flow to the condenser and/or evaporator


Fault simulator with keyboard and microprocessor. It enables the lecturer to insert faults and to check the troubleshooting procedures chosen by the student.


(1) All manuals are written in English. 

(2) Model Answer 

(3) Teaching Manuals




This Automotive Air Conditioning Trainer is not only demonstrating all the principles of a compressor cycle, but it also simulates all the difficulties of integrating the equipment into vehicles. 

It is equivalent to that used for air conditioning of civil buildings. It is also adapted to a very hot environment which is subjected to rapid movements, vibrations and equipped with a variable output source of mechanical energy.


This trainer is designed for an easy use in different environment & is provided with: 

• Industrial components & instruments, which are properly connected & operating, easily accessible & visible 

• Large color silk screen printed synoptic panel with signaling lamps & switches 

• Variable speed motor to simulate the car motor in different operating conditions 

• Pulley-activated open compressor 

• Multiple-speed fan, to send the cold air to the room through refrigeration openings 

• Complete set of instruments for troubleshooting & data collection operations 

• Safety devices: Fault current circuit breaker and standard plant protections

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