GOTT GOTT-BEET-PIM Basic Electricity and Electronics Training Kit


The experiment devices have a nine-hole universal plug-in board as its core and also some RLC components and various analog and digital circuit components as its basic module. Its special material and structural plug-in system promise good contact; its transparent and removable plastic module makes the real components direct viewed and easy to replace; building –block module makes the combination of circuits flexible and universal; standard printed module makes the circuit easy to understand. Besides the regular classic experiment circuits, it is also applicable to innovative experiments for open laboratory.


Various circuits are built up on aluminium alloy stent with peg board components, the height of the board is 298mm.The width is 100mm, 200mm, 300mm, 400mm respectively. The material is anti-corrosion and flame-retardant. The main line and the branch line of the three-phase-five-wire system can be clearly showed among the flexible combination of the various modules.

EQUIPMENT LIST Each kit shall consist of the following :

1 × PVC box with patch panel and Storage system for the :

1 x Resistor 22R, 1W

1 x Electrolytic cap 470 F, 35V

1 x PTC Resistor

3 x Transistor NPN, BC107

1 x Resistor 47R, 1W

1 x Resistor 4K7, 1W

1 x LDR Resistor

1 x Resistor NPN, MJE3055

1 x Resistor 56R, 1W

2 x Resistor 10k, 1W

2 x Lamp 6V, 3W

1 x Thyristor C 106D

2 x Resistor 100R, 1W

1 x Resistor 15K, 1W

4 x Lamp 12V, 3W

10 x Connecting board with pins

1 x Resistor 220R, 1W

2 x Resistor 22K, 1W

4 x Lamp-holder

1 x Injunction 2N2646

1 x Resistor 470R, 1W

1 x Resistor 100K, 1W

1 x Single-pole switch

1 x Triac BTA08-400B

2 x Resistor 1K

1 x Resistor 3R3, 5W

1 x Turn-over switch

1 x Diac DB3C609

1 x Resistor 1K5

1 x Resistor 10R, 5W

1 x Push Button (NC)

1 x FET 2N5458

3 x Resistor 2K2

1 x Resistor 22R, 5W

1 x Push Button (NO)

1 x Voltage regulator IC 7812

4 x Iron nails, 20mm long

1 x Resistor 68R, 5W

1 x Relay 12VDC 2-pole (DPDT)

1 x DC motor 6V, 2W

1 x Choke 0.1H, 0.15A

1 x Resistor 100R, 5W

1 x Relay 6VDC

1 -pole (SPDT) 2 x Bar magnet

1 x Polyester cap, 0.01 F, 60V

1 x Resistor 220R, 5W

4 x Diodes Si 1N5404

2 x Plotting compass

2 x Polyester cap. 0.1 F 60V

1 x Potentiometer 1K, 0.25W

2 x Diodes Ge

1 x Direction-finding compass

2 x Electrolytic cap 10 F, 35V

1 x Potentiometer 50K, 0.25W

1 x Zener diode 6.2V, 1W

1 x Shaker for iron filling

1 x Electrolytic cap 22 F, 35V

1 x Potentiometer 500K, 0.25W

1 x Zener diode 12V, 5W

1 x Packed iron filling

2 x Electrolytic cap 220 F, 35V

1 x NTC Resistor

2 x Transistor PNP, BC177

1 x Roll of thin thread


Fundamental of AC & DC

· Symbols

· Introduction to electricity

· Volt , current and resistance

· Conductor and insulator

· Basic electrical circuit

· Ohms Law

· Resistance, series-parallel circuit

· Magnesium

· Inductance

· Capacitance

· Transformers

Basic Electronics

· diodes

· Rectifier

· Power supply

· Voltage dividers

· Voltage regulators

· Transistors

· Common bass configuration

· Common emitter configuration

· Common collector configuration

· Amplifiers

· Oscillators

· UJT,FET, diac and triac

· Thyristors

· Logic circuits

· Logic gate

· ICs

Motors and Generators

· Magnesium

· DC motor and generator

· AC Motor


(1) All manuals are written in English

(2) Model Answer

(3) Teaching Manuals




This training kit is specially developed for use in educational electrical / electronics laboratories as teaching for basic electricity and electronics in particular electronic for industrial applications. This kit is extremely versatile. It can cater for hands-on experience in assembly, testing and construction from simple to complex circuits.

This kit consists of a PVC box, series of plug-in components, universal patch panel and set of connecting leads/ bridge. It is a plug-in system whereby circuit construction is achieved by assembly require plug-in components on the batch panel and inter-connect together to form the desired experimental circuits. Each plug-in unit consists of a commonly available electronics component mounted on insulated boards approximately 20 x 40 mm or 40 x 40 mm or 40 x 85 mm size. The patch panel can easily accommodate any externally connected test and measuring instrument..

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