GOTT GOTT-BRLT-P31 Build Up Refrigeration Trainer System


• Hermetic Compressor 

• Force Air condenser with fan 

• Forced air evaporator with fan 

• Expansion Valve 

• Filter Drier 

• Capillary Tube 

• H/L Pressure Switch 

• Hot Gas Pressure Gauge Meter 

• Liquid Pressure Gauge Meter 

• Suction Pressure Gauge Meter 

• Set of copper Tuber 

• Set of bolts, screw and nuts, set of pipe fitting 

• Electrical Cables, and pipe insulations 

• Installation Frame 


• Refrigerant 

• Experiment manual 


• Familiarization with the function of particular refrigeration system and how it's system components work. 

• Read and understand technical drawing documentation of electrical diagram and refrigerant piping diagram 

• Plan and execute assembly steps and processes for building refrigeration system. 

• Make pipe joints in accordance with a refrigerant piping system diagram 

• Carry out electrical installation following the electrical circuit diagram 

• Commission and check the refrigeration system after successful assembly 

• Evacuate and charging refrigeration systems 

• Plan, execute and evaluate maintenance processes for the particular system 

Manuals: All manuals are written in English with full Description of theory, experimental procedures and typical experimental results.




The Build Up Refrigeration Trainer has been designed for student to build up their own refrigeration system. It is mounted in an enamel coated steel frame angle. All the components which are used in are original refrigeration components by Industrial standard manufacturers. The trainer includes a refrigerant compressor, tubing, an expansion valve with thermostat, water cooled refrigerant condensor, electrical variable load evaporator. 


• Build up your refrigeration system 

• High quality industrially accepted component 

• Robust and Durable and mobile designation 

• Detailed instruction & experiment manual 

• Robust and Durable and mobile design 

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