GOTT GOTT-CTS-105 压缩培训系统


This trainer is designed for an easy use in different environment & is provided with: 

• The components' structure can be observed clearly and protected by transparent acrylic cover. 

• Two start-up methods are included (current-mode and PTC) 

• Quick connectors are used in each component for easy wiring 

• A real circulation of refrigeration system is included for users' observation and analysis 

• Several apertures are reserved for users to measure the temperature easily. 

• A fan with standalone switch is installed on the condenser for users to adjust heat dissipation of the condenser. 

• High / Low pressure gauges are embedded in front panel and connected with the compressor for observing the pressure change.

• Can use the fixed valve to practice the refrigerant supplement.


• In-Circuit component testing 

• PTC Start up practice 

• Current mode Start up practice 

• Refrigeration system introduced and operation 

• Drawing Mollier diagram 

• Evaluation and comparison of refrigeration performance


 (1) All manuals are written in English. 

(2) Model Answer 

(3) Teaching Manuals




By using this trainer, trainees can wire the circuit of compressor. Two start-up methods (current-mode and PTC) are provided in this training system. Trainees can measure and observe the signals on terminals in the start-up circuit to comprehend its operating principle. In addition, the trainer includes a real refrigeration system. Hence, the start-up circuit can drive a real compressor when the wiring is completed. High/Low pressure gauges and voltage/current meters are embedded in front panel. 

The copper tubes in the system have reserved apertures for users to measure the temperature. Each component in the system is fixed individually. A transparent acrylic cover is assembled which can protect the components and make trainees observe the component's structure clearly. Two fans are installed on the evaporator and the condenser respectively for adjusting evaporation and condensing conditions, which makes experiments diversified. 

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